City Code requires certain items to submit an application to the Code Enforcement department and obtain the required permit. Permits must be obtained by the contractor or licensed trades. If the resident is personally performing the work, permits are issued to the resident. Please note that if a permit is not obtained prior to the item being initiated, the fee will be doubled.

Building Permits

Permit applications can be picked up at City Hall. Permits are required for many residential projects. Permits are not required for routine maintenance including interior and exterior painting, replacement of soffits, facia and trim, and minor roof and fence repairs.

You may also email Eddie Pitts, at to obtain more information on the requirements of building permits. 

Plan Review

A site plan or survey must be submitted with a permit application for the following:

  • Accessory building
  • Additions
  • Anything anchored to the ground
  • Driveway approaches
  • Driveways
  • Fences
  • Garage enclosures
  • Gazebos
  • Green houses
  • New Construction
  • Sidewalks

Permit Fees

New Construction / Additions, etc.

  • $10 if estimated work is under $2,000
  • $20 if estimated work is over $2,000

Other Permit Fees

  • Animal Permits (Show animals and fowl) - No fee but requires inspection
  • Carnivals / Circus - $25
  • Coin-operated machines - $15 per each machine
  • Demolition - No fee but requires inspection
  • Drilling and Variances are subject to approval by the City Council
  • Itinerant vendors, Merchants and Peddlers - $50 plus bond
  • Outdoor amplified sound - $10 if after 10 p.m.
  • Park Use (Bounce houses) - No fee
  • Signs - No fee but requires inspection
  • Special Events at park (Cook-offs, rallies, etc.) - $25
  • Swimming pools - No fee but requires inspection