Court Payments

Payment Options

Once you have made a plea to each violation, you can then pay your fines. When you plead No Contest or Guilty to violations charged against you, you are waiving your right to a jury trial and you must make the full payment of your fines. However, the court may grant you additional time to pay the amounts due. You may appear in person to make that request or you can use the 31 Day Extension Request form(PDF) to make your request by mail.

Traffic Offenses

Notice: Drivers who are convicted of one or more of the following traffic offenses, including but not limited to: driving without insurance, driving while license invalid or driving without a license, will pay an annual surcharge for three years from the date each conviction is reported to the Department of Public Safety. Please refer to the Texas Department of Public Safety Responsibility program for further information.

Texas Department of Public Safety Responsibility Website

Payment Methods

Acceptable methods of payment include:

  • Pay Online - View fees and/or pay online
    • A minimum processing fee of $3.00 or 2.45% will be charged on all credit/debit cards.
    • Only full payments, payments on previously approved payment plans, previously approved DSC requests and previously approved Deferred Dispositions may be paid online.
  • Pay in Person - You must bring valid proof of identification. The court accepts:
    • Cash, Credit / Debit cards (processing fee applies), Cashier’s Checks, and Money orders. Personal checks are not accepted.
  • Pay by Mail - Send your payment along with your plea of "No Contest" or "Guilty" on the pink handout provided to you by the deputy to:
    • Post Municipal Court
      106 South Broadway
      Post, Texas 79356
    • Provide a copy of your citation or the citation number. Money orders and Cashier’s checks are accepted. Personal checks are not accepted. Do not send cash.