Terrace Cemetery

Terrace Cemetery
The Terrace Cemetery was established in the 1800’s and it employs one full-time employee and additional seasonal employees through the summer months to ensure the operations of the office and maintenance of the grounds. 

Cemetery Cost

The purchase price for each lot / rite is $600.

A recording fee of $25 is required for every deed.

There are twelve lots / rites to a plot. They can be purchased individually or by lots. If you are purchasing more than 1 lot / rite, then a payment plan may be arranged, but will require a deposit of $200.

Once the payment plan is initiated, then a payment will be required each month until the lot/rite is paid in full. The deed will then be issued after the purchase price has been paid in full.

You can inquire more information at City Hall.

Individual Responsibilities

  • No concrete or rockwork can begin until the lot / rite is fully paid and a deed is issued.
  • A permit must be obtained from the city before any concrete work is performed or a headstone is placed.
  • No trees or shrubs shall be planted by an individual; the City may remove any volunteer trees and shrubs
  • The speed limit is 5 miles per hour
  • The city is not responsible for the safekeeping of anything or article erected or placed at any grave site.
  • Watering at the cemetery will be cut off at daylight savings time in the fall and will be turned back on at daylight savings time in the spring, if the danger of freezing has passed. The water is provided free of charge. Only the area that you intend to take care of should be watered.
  • Funeral designs and floral pieces will be removed from graves when they become unsightly or wilted. Any that are to be retained by the family must be removed by the beginning of the 4th day after interment by the lot owner or family.
A complete list of cemetery regulations is available at City Hall. Thank you for helping us improve the overall look of the Cemetery.