Humane Animal Traps

If you are having a problem with wildlife nuisance animals, you can remove them in a safe and humane way.

The city has animal traps available to assist you in capturing these animals. These animals may include:
  • Feral cats
  • Possums
  • Raccoons
  • Skunks

Submitting a Trap Request Form

 You will need to come in to City Hall during business hours and fill out an Animal Trap Request form or click here Animal Trap Form. Once the form is completed, arrangements will be made to have a trap delivered to your residence.

Setting Up the Trap

The ACO may assist you with setting the trap, if required. The traps must be set up in a side or back yard only.

Traps may not be set up in front yards due to adult / child safety hazards and theft issues. All residents who use the traps are responsible for the safe and humane treatment of the wildlife while in their care. Do not set traps up on Fridays, as the ACO may not be available.

Trap Removal

Once the nuisance animal has been trapped, contact Animal Control to remove the trap and the live animal from your property. If you have wildlife or insect issues inside of your home, such as a racoon in the attic or a bee nest in the eaves, contact a pest control company for assistance.