Animal Impoundment

When a pet is brought in by Animal Control for impoundment, the ACO will check the pet for an identification tag, a rabies tag and/or a microchip. If any of these forms of identification are found, then reasonable effort will be made by the ACO to contact the owner, however, final responsibility for location of an impounded animal is that of the owner. Once the pet is identified, the owner will need to come in to City Hall to provide proof of current rabies vaccination, pay the impoundment fees and reclaim the pet.

Impoundment fees are as follows:
  • $45 Same day fee (per each animal)
  • $10 Handling fee for every day, or fraction thereof, that the animal is at the animal shelter
If an impounded animal does not have tags or a microchip, per city ordinance, the pet will be placed on a required minimum 72-hour hold. Once the pet has passed the required hold period and has not been claimed by the owner, the pet becomes the property of the city. The pet may then be transferred to a rescue organization or be humanely euthanized.