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Payment Plan Agreement Request Form

  1. I have been charged with the following offense, in the Municipal Court of the City of Post.

  2. Waiver

    I understand that I have the right to a jury trial and do waive that right. I do hereby enter my appearance to the offense charged and agree to pay the fine and costs the judge assesses.

  3. Plea

    I enter my plea of:

  4. Request & Understanding

    I request that the Court grant me a payment plan agreement to pay the fine and costs assessed. I understand that the Court is required to assess an additional court cost of $25.00 as per (Sec. 133.103 Local Government Code).

    I understand that the Court will only mail a 1st and Final Notice in the event that I miss a scheduled payment. If payments are not made in a timely manner, then a capias pro fine warrant may be issued for my arrest. The warrant will be issued for the remaining balance of all fines and costs and will include a $50.00 warrant fee, a $30.00 failure to appear fee and a collections fee of 30%.

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